In With The New.

img_4909Scaffolding and construction works are visible as you wander through Dundee. You start to get the feeling that something is going on. The old historic sites of Dundee are starting to make way for the new. The two styles are combining together all over the city to create a fusion of history. I visited the McManus Art Gallery & Museum in the centre of Dundee to find out a little more about the city’s history and was pleasantly surprised by the way both dimensions of design were integrated with each other. An historic gothic arch was matched with a very modern red wall. And they looked beautiful together.

 As you travel closer to the water front you can really start to get in the thick of it. This is were the transformation is most noticeable. Dundee is starting to stretch out towards the river and soon there will be an abundance of new buildings. It feels as though the city is turning to face the river with all the new exciting developments.

img_4908        McManus Art Gallery Interior img_4889


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