Minimalist Posters

Starting to think about ways to portray an idea through a single phrase and object in the simplest way. I believe the idea is not to be too obvious and invite the viewer to come to their own assumptions. Its hard to get the balance in between being extremely obvious with the statement you are making and leaving enough food for thought.

I started by picking a couple of phrases which I could easily identify with. Then by listing everyday objects which I associated with the phrases. Trying not to be too obvious like listing a book under the phrase ‘By the Book’. Too obvious. More like word association. Instead of a book I’d say ‘Wallet’. Playing on the words by/buy.

In the images below you can see my train of thought. ‘The Customer is Always Right’ had a wallet above with a bank note peeking out from the top. To me this gives off the meaning that if you have money, you’re probably going to be treating like you know and deserve everything.

In my second minimalist poster I used the phrase ‘Over the Top’. Initially I was thinking about top hats, spinning tops ect. But I didn’t really know what I was trying to say with those things. I started to thing a little broader, Top/T-shirt/Shoes/Jeans. I decided a birds eye picture of a pair of classic jeans spread flat with the phrase ‘Over the Top’ made a lot of sense to me. I felt this one was pretty good as it left a lot more room for the viewer to come to their own conclusions. But also actually had a meaning to me. Prefer the classic jeans to all the tops filling up my wardrobe. Jeans are timeless.

The last one I had a little trouble with. ‘Cut to the Chase’ started out with me playing with the word chase and trying to figure out how I could mess around with the word ‘Cut’. With scissors, knives. Instead I went for the broader word ‘Chase’ and chose a pair of trainers. For me running feels like a constant chase of whoever/whatever is in front of you.

This was a project looking at an object’s identity. It really helped me to start looking at certain objects and words and see past the obvious meanings, and relate objects and phrases according to what they mean to me.


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