Model Identity

Our class has been given really small microchips to sign into out classes with each day. They are just like the ones in your bank card, for contactless. Or like the ones you would find in a key fob. We were to make a small 3D object from clay and insert the micro chip into th model somehow. This model needed to be an example of how we think about our own identity. To sum ourselves up in a small clay model.

I started thinking about myself. What I like, what I don’t like. What art interests and inspires me, and also how I feel about art. My lecturer had previously taught me this week about word association and I used this technique to figure out where to start. This seems to be a useful way of getting ideas on paper.


The type of design I prefer is actually quite minimalist. Which suited this project. I started thinking about shapes I like. The classic triangle, square and circle. Then combining these shapes to make something a little different.


Quick model of a possible shape.

What I designed in the end speaks volumes about me. I think a good design should be timeless. It should last the trends and still look good twenty years from now. It should be no nonsense. It should also be easy to look at and have something a little different about it. You can see my design below. I chose a design that to me resembled a classic Gothic arch. Still used in architecture today.


Working with clay was never something I’ve been any good at. This project I found quite difficult in that I couldn’t get the precise shape I wanted. In the end I figured this wasn’t meant to be a piece of art for the Guggenheim so reluctantly gave in and settled with the imperfections.