Protest Posters

We were given only a couple of hours to make protest posters. The theoretical protest was for equality in student Bursaries. International and EU students are not entitled or considered for discretional bursaries when studying in Scotland.

Our group decided to link our posters with a theme if red in the background. This was to create more of an impact and make our campaign more recognisable. Red is quote often associated with anger and unrest, so an appropriate colour. One poster was simple text to make a clear point.

Our other two posters included simple images, pencils and lightbulbs. These represent basic items foreign students would need to pay for. The UK Light is on, EU lightbulb is out and the International lightbulb is cracked. This clearly shows the further out you are the harder it is to get funding. It is a similar idea with the pencils. These simple images form a kind of Restrorff effect. They are recognisable and easily remembered. If this were a worldwide campaign, the lightbulb or pencil could potentially become a recognisable symbol associated with this campaign.

We chose the slogan ‘INVEST IN EVERY FUTURE’ as it is clear, to the point and makes a bold statement about the inequality in funding.


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