Picture, Symbol, Icon

The difference between the three is sometimes quite hard to determine. Before our lecture today I had never thought about their meaning in depth.

We discussed the reason behind our previous minimalist posters. (Previous blog post). They were meant to be rhetoric. To invite the viewer to come to their own conclusions about the poster.

A picture is simply that. A picture. With not much context it doesn’t make a statement or say anything. A symbol is a picture/object that makes a statement. There is usually context in the form of text. It creates a narrative. An icon is a picture or for example a logo that is used to often in the media it is iconic. Images that do mean something else but only that one thing.Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 15.10.55.png

Hopefully by taking this all in, further into my university career I will become better at analysing and interpreting images.


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