Translating Form Submission

We were split into groups and asked to create a 1:1 scale replica of a stroller using cardboard. Initially we thought the project would be easy. After inspecting and measuring the stroller we were to replicate I began to doubt how well we could make our model. We sat down as a group and discussed how we were going to tackle the build. We settled for the option of splitting the stroller into 5 parts; Wheels, hood, seat, upper frame and lower frame. I feel like we did the right thing here by dividing the work however we should have established a build method as it was a bit slap-dash when putting everything together. It would have been better to build the stroller from the wheels up. I do think though that we did very well with the route we chose to take.


Measuring up the stroller.

I started on the upper frame. Initially I found it quite hard to get going and was focusing on dimensions and sizes too much. After a while I decided to just go for it. To just start making and forget about how precise it was going to be. My methods of making were not exactly scientific. One of the joints was such a strange shape that to replicate it I grabbed some paper and sketched round the joint. Cut it out and used that as a template. There is a picture of the make-shift template below. It was quite hard getting to grips with  how the cardboard would work. Making round bends for example was quite difficult but we learned how to make it work.

After making the joints and shafts of the pram it was time to move on to tidying up the horrible joints I had made. They were open and quite aesthetically unappealing. I tried a few different techniques to cover up and was initially wanting to use a really thin layer of cardboard however glue was running pretty short so I opted for masking tape in the end as it was quick. It didn’t look as great as the thin cardboard would but I felt this project was probably more about learning how to work as a team and not how to make the most beautiful stroller in the world. I asked the rest of the team what they thought about using tape instead and we all agreed it looked okay. I think our team worked well in this sense. We took quite a lot of time to explain to the other members what we were all doing and if anyone strayed from their initial ideas they would stop and ask the rest of the group what they thought they should do or if they agreed that what they were doing was the right thing.

Once we were all done with our pieces we moved on to assembly. This was quite difficult as we’d all been working off our own dimensions. I had been quite shoddy with my measuring and some parts didn’t fit with my other team members. It was simply a case though of shaving off a few centimetres here or there and re-gluing parts together.

When we started gluing everything together I feel thats when our team got the most out of the project. We started to get really excited at the prospect of our hard work being finished and getting to see the end result. We cut a few corners here and there but we were all unanimously proud of our work. There were a few things I would suggest we do differently if we could go back. Things like starting from the bottom instead and maybe getting a little more involved with each others areas of the stroller. I do think that we did an excellent job. I would say we worked really well as a team and produced something that fit the brief with a few minor dimension discrepancies. In the end I was really happy with my team and proud of what we produced. I think we all felt the same.


Oh and it rolls too!


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