Navigating Experience (1/3)

I really struggled at first to find a suitable concept for this project. We were to create a product that can allow a user to playfully navigate a place. When trying to come up with ideas I usually sit down and start thinking and sketching ideas that relate back to products I would probably use myself. I had a few starting ideas but none of them really inspired me to think and research further. These included Tourist map trail, Meet up pin board to meet with strangers and also a GPS device for cyclists that vibrated when near other users. I don’t feel like any of these ideas really fitted the brief we were given. We were told to stay away from any app type product and I found that really difficult. I kept wanting to incorporate google maps into my design, which is primarily used on an app on your phone.


Initial Ideas.

I decided to get some fresh air and think about how I navigate the city. I grabbed my headphones and decided to head out after taking about 5 minutes to pick a playlist. Whilst I was walking I kept trying to think of ways that would motivate me to navigate and move around a city. Then I started to click together the ideas of music and navigating. What if walking and navigating could earn you music?  But how would you receive the music?

For anyone who has never geocached before here is the definition ; ‘(in the activity or pastime of geocaching) an item, typically a container holding a number of other items, that has been hidden at a location whose coordinates have been posted on the Internet.’ The containers are usually watertight so could definitely hold a small USB memory stick. I could create a device that leads you to swap out and replace new playlists every time you find a new cache, whilst also playing your current USB.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 19.24.36.png

A Map of Current Geocaches in Dundee.

Navigating Experience (2/3)

Navigating Experience (3/3)


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