Verdant Works Representation

Our Brief for this project was fairly simple. To make an expressive representation of the right side elevation of Verdant Works Museum. I tried to think about ways I could represent the building. Materials, texture, orientation and different techniques. Our team set out and measured the building so that we could represent it to scale. Some parts of the building were a little too high. But we managed…


It had been mentioned that we could hand draw the building if we wanted but I felt that would be an easy option as I have previous experience doing this. This was a great opportunity to learn how to use Autocad. This is a program I have always struggled to get to grips with so I used this project as a learning experience for myself. I highly doubt, whatever career path I choose within design I will be able to avoid using it, so better now than never.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 12.42.47.png

At first I even struggled to make two lines join together, but somehow managed to work out how to get the basic shapes and make  something that slightly resembled the verdant works. I then used the image I had drawn and lay it out on a pages document.


I had my basic base and now had to start thinking about how I would represent the building. I wanted to think outside of the box and present something that the lectureres might never have seen before. I started thinking about texture and material and remembered when we were measuring how the material of the building felt when I touched it. Gritty and sandy. Using sand as the texture for the building was pretty different to what I imagined the other class mates would do. This proved very difficult and I’ve learned a lot about working with sand. My first attempt, trying to glue the sand straight onto the page was a failure. It just looked awful.

After taking a break and thinking about how to apply the sand I decided to use a different technique which worked pretty well. I used a strong spray glue to stick the sand all over the drawing. I then Glued over it again to make sure that the sand had stuck. After, I very carefully started cutting out the image with a scalpel and placing it on top of another image. This took a very long time however, I think it looked quite good in the end.



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