Mapping Information

This project was to create a map of information in a personal and expressive way. At first I struggled to think of an idea that would be strong enough that other people might find it interesting. I started by writing down things that I liked, such as flowers and hill walking. This started to get me thinking about th type of information I would put in my map. Perhaps where different flowers come from or places in the UK with the most walked mountains.


Initially I started out working with the ‘Routes of Popular Cycling Competitions’ map. I was going to make this entirely through digital media. I researched a few map making tools but they were all quite basic and I realised using a layout software would be much easier. After I started however, I began to realise that this idea could only go so far and wasn’t as inspiring to me as some of my other ideas.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 12.02.25.png

Cycle Tour Map Attempt.

I spoke with my lecturer about the different ideas and came to the conclusion that the stationary idea was probably the one that could be worked with easily. I had a basic idea of the information I wanted to present and how I wanted to make the map but was unsure about how to present it. I decided to just go for it and make the stationary map from what I had previously mapped out in my sketches. I created PDF documents with all the information on them and printed them. I have a cork desk and used that to pin and string together all the information to the map.


The outcome this project for me was a map of Perth’s stationary shops. They were rated by selection and also included was their best selling item. I am really happy with my finished piece. I feel I photographed it well and made a map about something I am passionate about.




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