Monument (2/3)

After making our monument we took it out to the place where we envisioned it would stand in real life. The location we chose was significant. We decided it would be better to place it close to the riverside. We have noticed ourselves and also from local residences that they feel Dundee is starting to turn and face the water. That emerging designs and innovations are starting to become located at near the water front. We wanted our monument to be part of that.


Google Maps Image of our Monument Placement.


Our Monument at the Riverside.

To engage with the public we thought it would be a good idea to have our monument as an ever changing piece of art. Something that artists and locals can draw and graffiti on. If our monument were made to stand in real life, we imagined it as a collaborative art piece made out of concrete. We explained this to passers by when we were outside with our model and asked them to graffiti and draw on it to reflect what it would look like if our monument was made in real life.

I think the final outcome for our project was a success. We create a monument that represents the continual growth and ever changing design within Dundee. Involving passers by was a great way to envision how our monument would work if made.

Here is an image of our Monument after public involvement at the proposed site.



Monument (1/3)

Monument (3/3)



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