Monument (1/2)

In our ‘Ways of Seeing’ module we were to continue our exploration of Dundee. We took part in a bridge walk as a class and jotted down some quick sketches of the different sights, textures and monuments.

This was to get us to think about the monuments and icons of Dundee. Previously this semester we were thinking about Dundee’s identity and now we have to think about it’s orientation. Which both link into each other very well.

We were then to create our own 3D monument in groups. We decided to direct our ideas towards Dundee’s ever growing Art and Design scene. We based our idea on the DJCAD sign.


‘DJACAD’ Sign we used as inspiration.

We made our monument the words ‘DESIGN’ to reflect the continual growth in Dundee’s design culture. Using cardboard and our inspiration we made a block of the letters to try and emulate our chosen idea.

Monument (2/2)

Monument (3/3)


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