Navigating Experience (2/3)

I started to begin a design for my new idea. A device that leads you to swap out and replace new playlists every time you find a new cache, whilst also playing your current USB stick. To encourage navigation the music playing on the device will start to diminish as you walk further from the destination and maintain volume if heading in the right direction. I am hopeful that this product can encourage the younger generation to start exploring places they have never been before and also to discover a range of different music.


Plans and thoughts for my design.

I wanted my design to be simple and clean. Touch screen would take away the use for buttons. The only features on the body apart from the screen would be a charger port, headphone jack and USB port.  I have recently found that when prototyping and making, the best thing to do is just go for it and start creating.

I started making a prototype from cardboard and when it came to finish the model I made the worst error of attempting to paint it black with acrylic. I completely forgot that when wet cardboard curls and deforms. The outcome of what I had made looked like something I would have made in primary school.

I started from scratch instead using acetate and thick black card. I was happy with this prototype and feel that its a good representation of my idea.

Navigating Experience (1/3)

Navigating Experience (3/3)




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