Why I chose Design.

Today we had a a lecture from James Law, an animator and designer who currently works for a game developing company named outplay. Throughout his talk he continued to talk about storytelling and encouraging the user of your product to feel some kind of connection with the design. It seemed as though he was truly motivated by the effects his product could have on the people using it. He asked us to think about the reasons we got into design and chose the course that we had.

I had previously studied for a year at Robert Gordon University. I had hoped to come out with a masters in Architecture. I felt inspired and admired all the previous designs I had seen. I loved that by creating a building you could affect people emotionally and leave an imprint on their lives just through design and construction. I loved the history in Architecture, the exhibits, displays and using technical drawing to convey your ideas. The course however was not what I thought it would be. The critiques were far too harsh for what I believed first year should be. There was a limit set to your design. Lecturers would not encourage you to think too out of the box for fear of you straying off path. I feel at Dundee it’s completely the other way round. The sky is the limit. I also found Architecture to be a very  hard course to balance in terms of a work/life relationship. There is no off switch.

After leaving I took some time to think about what I wanted. What alternatives I had and how to proceed with my career. I spoke with different experienced architects, some of who had given up the profession completely. Their advice was simply ‘Do something that you enjoy.’ I appreciated Architecture but the full scale design of a building, looking at in depth regulations and imbalanced life style I did not enjoy. I was advised to look at the Interior Design course at Dundee University. Initially I was hesitant to get back into education in case I did not enjoy it. Dundee University however, won me over. It seemed like the focus of the classes was to encourage expression, creativity and to just MAKE and DO.

I hope in my future profession that I can inspire and create emotional connections between the users of my designs and the product itself. To leave your mark on someone, somewhere and know that you have enriched their life in some way. I feel that Dundee University fits in with the way I want to mould myself as a designer and the interior Design course matches my interests. I can design environments for people to enjoy and appreciate. This is why I want to design.


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