Making Spaces Design Brief (1/3)

Our brief for our Ways of Making module was quite a large one with little time to complete it. We are to create an urban dwelling influenced by the idea of connectivity. As a group we discussed the disadvantages of always being connected digitally. We then decided we wanted our interior space to connect people socially.


From this discussion we talked about ways to connect people socially but with a digital twist. For example using sounds to let other flatmates know who was in the building. We also considered using sound as a way of connecting the occupants.


We the started focusing on the idea of connecting a family. We thought it would be good to have some kind of family retreat or home that would connect people socially instead of using any digital elements.

By the end of our brain storm we all felt we had done all we could with our brains that day. We all decided to think about an individual idea and we would present it to each other next week. Then we would start making the best idea we selected. This will include prototyping and evolving the idea physically.

Making Spaces Design Brief (2/3)

Making Spaces Design Brief (3/3)


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