Making Spaces Design Brief (2/3)

Last week we all agreed to consider our own ideas and present them to the group with the idea being that we would have more ideas to choose from and we could develop each others ideas. Only myself and one other person did this so we didn’t have much to choose from. We discussed the two concepts that were presented and I tried to get everyone’s input and criticism of both designs.

My idea was to create a house with different mezzanine levels to create an open space for a family in an urban city apartment. The spaces would be connected but would still have a sense of privacy with bedrooms on different mezzanine levels.

I used card just to get an idea of where everything would sit and how it would look. My initial thought was that it was far too big, however I presented it to the group in the hopes that they would help to evolve my ideas.

Another member in our group, greg, came up with the idea that we could create an apartment that had sliding walls. Essentially you could create any environment you want by moving the walls to form new spaces or close spaces off if needed.

We did something similar to what I had done before with my card model and use pieces of  cardboard to figure out where we wanted to put things and how everything would fir together. We decided that the apartment was better with one mezzanine level than two as two just made the apartment too big.

after making the model I went home and hand drew some drawings to send to the rest of the group so that we were all on the same page in regards to dimensions and layout.

I used the book ‘Architect’s Pocket Book’ for information on average sizes and it was really really helpful.

During class I also tried to make a sketch up model of our project to help visualise the concept better, but I am not very good at using this program and I wish I’d just drawn plans.


Making Spaces Design Brief (1/3)

Making Spaces Design Brief (3/3)


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