Letters Home Dashboard (2/3)

I continued my exploration into an old typewriter theme by looking at ink patterns and splodges. I wanted to use the ink blots in some way for the icons.

The image below from pintrest has some cool blots on it and the colour of the paper is very bland. It makes the design quite simple and easy to understand.

I then found this image on pintrest which got me thinking about perhaps using the blots as a background and cutting out the icons which I preferred onto the blotted image. This would keep the design nice and clean whilst also being quite messy due to the blots.

Whilst thinking about icons I was also experimenting with layout and colour. I started out thinking I would do something quite bright and colourful.


I decided after starting on this style that I didn’t like the colour at all. I don’t think it contributed to my original idea very well. I think a more stripped back approach to the colour would be better to keep incorporating the theme of old style typewriting. Also I think the GIFS that would be posted on the website will more often than not, be quite colourful and stand out better in a duller colour pallet.

Letters home Dashboard (1/3).

Letters Home Dashboard (3/3).


4 thoughts on “Letters Home Dashboard (2/3)

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