Letters Home Dashboard (3/3).

I began putting the ink splodges together and cutting out the symbols for my icons on photoshop and illustrator and then laying everything out on indesign. Over the course of this last month I have gotten better at using these programs and its starting to pay off.

At first I thought the layout was a little too plain. It didn’t look like a dashboard at all.


First Initial layout.

I kept the background parchment colour to go with my theme and the ink stains different shade of grey and black. A reference to old writing tools and pencil colours.

I looked at different mobile sites and found that they usually had a sidebar menu and footer. After adding these in I think it made the dashboard look a lot more realistic.


The icons I chose to represent their menu options look quite well being cut out of the ink blots. I think the icons are quite easy to understand are are ‘iconic’ of what they are meant to represent.

Here is an un-annotated image of my final dashboard piece.


Letters home Dashboard (1/3).

Letters Home Dashboard (2/3)


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