Talking Tech Brief (3/3).

After re-evaluating my design and looking at precedents I decided I liked the article that had used a single image for its layout and then wrapped the text around the images in the picture. I looked around my house for cables or any interesting looking wires and found a charger that was gold. This was a pretty good colour to use in reflection of that fact that we are in the middle of the golden age of technology.

I tried playing around with a couple of different wire layouts. Some were al little too complicated and I think took up too much of the page for such a thin wire.

After choosing the right image I laid everything out onto the page with the text.


I think the text wrap looks great and so do the goldy colours. Apart from the side bar which ended up turning a brown colour. I wanted this to be a little more golden.

The theme of my text was the fact that people are apparently more connected by wires than in real life. You can speak to someone online but are these wires really connecting you or do you need physical stimulation. Things like hand gestures and facial reactions to words.

I also found the text to be a little too big. my lecturer recommended that it might be better if the text were to come in line with the author title and to not sit on its side. I tried this and it was extremely effective. It gave more more balance to the page.


Changing the colour of the sidebar also gave the colour scheme a bit more unity. Im quite happy with my final piece however if I had to re-do it I think I would experiment more with objects that I could have photographed and played around with different layouts.

Talking Tech Brief (1/3).

Talking Tech Brief (2/3).


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