Making Spaces Design Brief (3/3)

Our idea of a family studio apartment was starting to take shape. The elements of the design were all starting to come together. We had included a sliding door to separate the children’s and adults  bedroom so that there was an essence of privacy. One thing ew discovered while creating this apartment was that to really connect with someone you can force a visual connection all the time.

We wanted to make a space that subtly connected people without them even knowing it. The mezzanine floor is quite good at doing this. You have a visual connection and the comfort of knowing that the other person is right there.

We all took elements of the project and went ahead with getting everything ready for our final presentation. We had already decided how we wanted the apartment to look and feel and now all that was needed was a good way of conveying our ideas.

After making the drawings we were all clear on how the apartment would take shape. Kim started on making the scale model and Greg started the CAD model. We wanted a diverse range of images.

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The model really started to get us excited about our idea. It was great having something from our imagination become a real thing in front of us. We used real moss from outside to glue onto acetate and create the effect of a ‘living’ wall. This was to help connect the hidden space on the interior behind the stairs with the natural open sky through the windows opposite.


The rendered CAD images that Grant made looked amazing. They really helped to breathe a little colour and life into our design.

Also, below the concept boards I made helped to clearly convey our precedents and design idea.


Our presentation went quite well and the idea was recieved well by our peers. However I think if I were to do the project again I would perhaps downsize the size of the apartment and look into really maximising space through more sliding walls and mezzanine levels.

Making Spaces Design Brief (1/3)

Making Spaces Design Brief (2/3)


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