Design Sprint Day 2

Now that we had a fully formed idea it was time to start putting together our proposed design. We researched various other mapping systems such as google maps and apple maps. We also took a look at existing accessibility apps to get a good look at the information needed.

Some of the precedents we looked at used heat maps and traffic light codes to tell the user which area were accessible and which were not. Others clearly pointed out access routes and locations of facilities such as toilets. One website we looked at mapped locations and allowed users to post information on the accessibility of that venue.

The existing maps we looked at included google maps which we took quite a lot of inspiration from. Another we looked at was eegeo. This Dundee based company creates realistic 3D maps which can show real time events, collect user data and clearly illustrate the users surroundings.

Moving forward from this we sketched out a few ideas for how we wanted the app to look and also took into account the information we wanted to include. We realised we would need clear icons and also separate options for people with visibility impairments. After doing some research we found that colours like black on yellow worked really well for those with limited sight. At this point we also decided out project would be called DJCAD Traverse.

Our app would show users how to navigate from points A to B. Disabilities can be toggled on and off and the route shown to the user will be customisable to whatever thier disability is. If the impairment is visual then a simple background is used with a very bright Pink or Yellow to help with viewing. Their would also be accompanying audio to help guide the user, making the app hands free too.

Over all I think we worked really well as a group and our idea had a lot of merit. Our deisng was not very well finished and I feel if we’d had more time we could have made something quite unique and useable. However, this was a design sprint and it was more about the idea than the finished product. Considering that, I’m quite proud of what we made.


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