Habitats – The Secret Lives of buildings

As our module ‘Intro to Social Digital’ starts to kick off, were have been asked to look at different kinds of habitat. Installations, ideas, art pieces. Fully immerse ourselves in what it means and issues surrounding it.

I watched a recommended Documentary called ‘The Secret Lives of Buildings’. I actually really enjoyed it. I found it to be thought provoking. It really brought to light issues I had never considered before. The episode I watched was about habitat in a working environment. Modern office buildings are being designed for the mass market. Pretty on the outside and a blank open plan slate on the inside. With very little imagination, these insides are often turned into grey, bland characterless office cubicles or desk spaces. The documentary showed various examples of architecture and interior design which broke the hierarchy up between workers and integrated the staff. There were buildings which blurred the lines between work and play in the office space. By designing in this way, the workers made an emotional connection with the design. They wanted to be inside the building. They wanted to work. Productivity was proven to be increased. A neutral design is not stimulating decreases productivity, though it may appease the market its being designed to sell to.


My Notes on ‘The Secret Lives of Buildings’.


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