Pecha Kucha Hero – Wes Anderson

After deciding on my creative hero I made a start at piecing together information and themes for my Pecha Kucha. I started by creating a folder full of images depicting certain styles that Anderson is famous for. This gave me a good base for what I was going to talk about.

After going through my images and re-watching a few of his films I started to piece together the reasons why I love his designs so much. They remind me of my childhood. They give me a sense of nostalgia and make me remember the way my brain worked when I was growing up. The pastel colour palettes and story like directorial techniques make me feel like I’m back in my childhood.

There is a strong theme of childhood innocence throughout his films. And he uses the colours, characterisation, set design and many other visual elements to enhance that. I feel that he effectively makes an environment that the viewer gets immersed in and forgets what world they actually belong to.


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