Pecha Kucha Performance

Today I performed my Pecha Kucha presentation on Wes Anderson in front of my peers. I was extremely nervous and will admit I had a cheeky Stella Artois before hand to steady myself. This really helped to boost my confidence and my lecturer had told me previously Pecha Kucha was supposed to be informal and relaxed. This technique seemed to really help me get into the swing of things.

When I stood up to speak I started my presentation a little shakey but once I began to speak about Anderson’s work I felt inspired and most of the words came naturally.

I spoke about how Anderson involves themes of childhood nostalgia and uses settings, characterisation, colour palettes and many other techniques to achieve this. I also talked about how we create palettes and identities for ourselves. I created my own colour palette for my outfit that day and showed the audience how if the set and props were coordinated with me I would probably look like I belonged in a Wes Anderson film.

My Colour Palette.

Anderson’s Miniatures and acute attention to detail were also covered. This includes his use of symmetry and perspective in shots and also the magnificent details in his models.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really enjoyed the experience and would consider doing it again however it would have to be something I felt real passion for as I think it would be difficult to talk about a subject effectively with the right amount of enthusiasm if you weren’t inspired but the topic.

Lee Giles // PECHA KUCHA // Wes Anderson



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