How Do We Make This?

Initially when entering the studio today we were quite daunted with how we were actually going to make what we wanted to. Our ideas seemed too grand. We had done some research and asked a diverse range of people what they would like thier den to be if they had one now as an adult. The results varied and we used them to form the basis of our design; a calm, relaxing space with some music perhaps. Somewhere to let loose. 

We played around with different materials. In the end th red plastic didn’t work though I think we inspired another group with their ideas. I made a small maquette of what I envisioned the den to look like. Sheets and bamboo, looking much like the tent from The Royal Tenenbaums. This idea would be quite hard to make so we settled with going for a fabric approach and using what we had at hand, MDF boards. This is how you would have made a den as a child anyway, with what you had.


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