We all decided today what we each individually wanted to bring to the project. We would all put our own idea of childhood nostalgia into the project whilst keeping to the restrictions and brief from our lecturers and research.

I wanted to create a world inside our HABlab. To make the user feel small and wondering like a child. Personally I have never felt this more than when looking up at the stars. We ordered a star projector to place in the HABlab. Working around this we decided to make the roof tent like to look like an outside den and facilitate the projector. The way that users would look at this would be by popping their heads up through a hole. It will hopefully feel like you’ve popped your head outside your den and you’re looking over an expansive field of some sort.

We also started painting the boards for the exterior black. We wanted to create an alienating feeling. To create two separate worlds from the exterior to the interior for full impact when entering. IMG_7708


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