Video Making

Today I really tried to knuckle down and prep for our video which was to represent our ideas and project. I wanted to make a video that was clear and not jumbled with content. Though I had so many precedents and ideas I was struggling to put everything done in a coherent train of thought. I decided to split the video into parts.

  • Our brief
  • our methods and how we put ideas to reality
  • First hand research evidence
  • Precedents

I found it really hard to make a flow to the video. It was almost like writing an essay and making a nice link from piece to piece. Also in a segment of the video I thought it would be good to get my classmates to talk about the project whilst working, however charlie is sawing and I needed to put subtitles over his voice to help make it clear what he is saying. This made the segment of the video look quite cluttered and Im not very happy with this part.


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