The Secret Lives of Buildings – Play

IMG_8325After watching the Secret Lives of Buildings ‘Play’ episode, I felt inspired to make a HABlab to do with the way we play in our habitats.

The episode touched on how buildings these days are build for aesthetics and real human interaction is not really achieved. The only exception to this would be shopping centres which are designed to push people around the building to different shops. But this isn’t play, this is more manipulation.

In the end of the episode it was stated that the buildings that help us play are the ones we build together. Community centres are a good example of this. An ever internally changing structure that caters for for a variety of needs. The Wysing Arts centre was a good example of this. The community built a centre out of brick a brac and what they could find. I related this to what children would do when building a den. They would build it from the bits they could find. It would look mish mash but they would have the pride in building something and the fun in making it.


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