So How did we do?

Looking critically at our final installation I’m extremely pleased with how far we got with our ideas. We wanted to create a space that was nostalgic on the interior and built a world for the user to enjoy. I think we hit the nail on the head there. Our exterior was to be alienating and completely separate from the fun playful world inside.

I do feel we could have worked better as a group. I think that was our biggest downfall. It was quite hard to communicate with team members when attendance was poor. I also feel we could have used more time to perfect our ideas. Especially for the exterior. We were going to go big with the idea the sex sells and it can alienate us all but I think we treaded too lightly and didn’t quite pull it off. We should have been more explicit and more creepy/seedy.


For the work that we did we created small things within the installation that hopefully (one thing or another) would evoke a bout of childhood nostalgia and make the user feel extremely relaxed in their surroundings. With the stargazer, bean bag, music wall, colouring in book. I feel we did manage what we set out to do.


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