The Orizuru Project

We were encouraged t think critically and look at other teams work. I looked at group ‘HABlab_04’. I have added a link to the groups HABlab and video at the bottom of the page.


The video that the group produced was very well put together. It was extremely informative and they got their ideas across. I fully understood what their intent was and how they aimed to do it. The video was also really well edited and filmed. It looked as though they had used a DSLR camera and thought about the shots they wanted to get. They must have storyboarded. I would have loved to see more of their inspiration in this video and also the actual HABlab in action. When the group presented the HABlab the motion and display of the installation was fantastic. Its a shame that it couldn’t have been captured earlier and put into the video for everyone to see. I think its pretty clear from their video and blog that the group worked really well together. Everything looked relaxed and quite chilled. I think the final outcome of their video gives a really realistic sense of what their group was all about and how they did it, and I’m very jealous.



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