Personal Reflection

Reflecting on my personal performance and growth is quite hard for this module. I’m still not sure I handled everything as well as I could. Our group struggled with working as a team and commitment was not high on a few team members agenda. Coming from a background where I have to deal with conflict and confrontation everyday I was keen to avoid that in my new chapter of life studying at Dundee. I wish I had spoken up more and been a little more aggressive with the way I handled the situation. But I guess that’s in the past now. And I would definitley handle the situation better in the future. 

I feel I brought a lot of encouragement to the group though. When we were flagging or blocked or just feeling a bit grumpy I did my best to keep everyone motivated and keep us discussing and talking instead of keeping ideas to ourselves that we were too scared to out, in fear that they would be snubbed. 

Overall I think my performance wasn’t the best it could have been. I found it hard to keep motivated and struggled with the lack of enthusiasm from other members in the group. I feel this project would have been unbelievably amazing if there were people actively bothered to get involved. However, that’s just life. And it’s like that in the workplace too. So it’s something I’ll need to get used to handling. 


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